Connect to your Soul Purpose


When you know who you are at Soul level, you can begin to live your inspired purpose and unique gifts. By discovering how you can best align to your Divinity, you can start to ground that into your experience and allow your abundance to show up and support you in your real life, everyday circumstances.

This work allows you to learn how use your unique Soul Blueprint to create your heart's desire and live your ultimate fulfillment. The highest expression of your Sacred Self in your day to day world. Give yourself permission to let go of the things you think you "should" do and things that do not come easily for you, and instead focus on your true gifts. 

As you connect to your Divine nature you can begin to reclaim your power and let go of overwhelm, confusion, and frustration. Step into the abundance you are here to create.



* Soul Discovery Session  -  FREE

In this 30 minute session you'll learn how aligned you currently are to your Soul purpose, your biggest block to receiving clear inner guidance, and clarify your intentions to creating your ultimate fulfillment. I am honored to offer this complimentary session to help you gain clarity on the root problem holding you apart from your abundance. 

* Soul Gift Reading + Block & Restriction Clearing  -  $297

In this reading you will discover your unique gifts and who you are at Soul level. This information will assist you in creating more fulfillment in your relationships, career, health and finances. You will also uncover the blocks that may be holding you back from standing in your gifts and aligning your Divinity into your reality. Please allow 90min - 2 hours.     Added Bonus: Chakra Analysis and Essential Oil Profile to assist you in maintaining energetic, physical, and mental/emotional harmony included at no extra charge. 

* VIP Day Intensive  -  $797

Create a high level of transformation quickly. Included in this one day recorded web intensive is the Chakra Analysis and Essential Oil Profile, Soul Gift Reading, Block and Restriction Clearing. You will receive your personal Soul Manifesting Blueprint so that you have the tools to know exactly how you personally create at the physical level. This helps you to let go of what does not serve you and instead focuses your attention on what actions will bring in your highest abundance immediately. You will also meet your Spirit Guide team, learn more about how they communicate with you, and any guidance they currently have for you. We will also spend time creating a clear intention for what you want to create in your life within the next 6 months and a clear action plan for you to move forward. Schedule your free Soul Discovery Session to see if this service is right for you. 

Two Day Transformational Retreat

Regain your power and recognize your true Divinity for your ultimate transformation. Enjoy a 2 day, 1 night all inclusive stay at the beautiful Circle S Ranch in Lawrence, KS. This includes all of the work done in a VIP Day Intensive. Your retreat will begin and end with hands on energy work, essential oils, and massage. Nature walks and a horse back ride will help you get back into your body, connect you with Mother Nature, and help you immediately begin to vibrate at the level of new action right away.  You will spend time tuning into your intuition and learning to work with your Spirit Guides yourself to bring your intentions into your reality in an ongoing way. 

One follow up recorded web session via Zoom is included to support you in your ultimate transformation. Schedule your free Soul Discovery Session to see if this service is right for you. 

Ongoing Spirit Guide Coaching and Life Situation Readings + Clearing

This package is created with your personal needs in mind. Ideal for people looking to set clear intentions to create a specific outcome within 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. You will get clear guidance from your own Spirit Guide team and learn how to work with them more closely on your own. You will also have the opportunity to get readings on specific situations in your life and clear any blocks that may be restricting your progression toward your goals. Schedule your free Soul Discovery Session to see if this service is right for you.                                                                              Added Bonus: VIP Day Intensive included!


To find out if this work can be of service to you, schedule your complimentary 30 min Soul Discovery Session! Or email me at for more information. Be sure to join my Soul Abundance IQ Facebook community to learn more. 


About Me

My name is Sarah P. Chapman. I am nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Raindrop Essential Oil Treatments, Emotional Release sessions, and Soul Realignment Akashic Record Readings. 

Through working with my own Akashic Records and Soul story, I have learned to value my personal gifts. I am here to hold a sacred space of healing, loving acceptance and non-judgement to help others remember their wholeness and their worth. I am able to see people in their highest potential, in their Light and Divine gifts. Yet, I have not always recognized this within myself and have experienced the shadow side of these gifts for many years. You can read more about my story here


Thank you for spending your time with me. Thank you for being on this Earthly journey and for your Divine self, here in sacred physical form. Please feel free to connect with me as I would love to learn more about you and your journey. Here's to your radiant abundance!